Enatur Chile

Program Lakes and Volcanos

09:00 Exit from port of Montt port. Route 5 destiny Puerto Varas.

09:30 Arrival city of Puerto Varas.

  • City Tour by the city of Las Rosas.
  • Sacred visit church Heart of Jesus.
  • Center of the city.
  • Time for photographies and long walk by the city.

10:15 Exit. Route 225, well-known like international route of the Andean lakes.

  • It visits a German stay, where we will be able to see and to photograph, flames, pumas, emues, flora and local fauna.
  • Vista to Osorno Volcano.

12:00 Jumps of the Petrohue.

  • One of the most attractive points of the region, where we will observe color waters emerald, next to volcanic rock and of bottom Osorno Volcano. (Nacional Park Vicente Perez Rosales.)

13:00 Lago Emerald (called All the Saints) and we will return to Cove to be able to have lunch in recover Lago Llanquihue in front of, with Vista to Osorno Volcano. .

14:30 Lunch, menu or to the letter according to preference of the passengers .

15:30 Arrival to the city of Puerto Montt.

  • Mini City Tour by the city and civic center..
  • Shutdown in fair of crafts of Angelmó.

15:50 Return to the wharf.

16:00 Aim of the services.


Osorno Volcano


Jumps of the Petrohue