Enatur Chile

Tour Concha y Toro
Time: approximate 4 hours (Does Not Include Lunch Expenses ).

Exit from your choosen hotel, towards the locality of Pirque where you will be able to have lunch in a typical restaurant from the zone, enjoy outdoors, have contact with nature along with to enjoy beautiful folkloric music.

Next we will visit the Vineyard Concha and Toro

The visitor begins at the plaza Don Melchor, where tourists will be welcomed cordially by a guide, who will invite them to enjoy a panoramic view of the vineyard of Pirque accompanied of a glass of wine, so that you impregnate of aromas and flavors that that arise step by step in this centennial warehouse.

With the glass in his hand the visitor participates in a long walk by the old park, moving back in time when having the opportunity to appreciate the Large house of Pirque, residence from Concha y Toro family. In this place born the more large viticultural company of our country, over than 100 years ago.

In the vineyards of Pirque you will be able to know the development the grapevines, cultural and technological handling that are responsible for a yield of first quality. When entering the Warehouse of Guard you will be able to taste an excellent Merlot, while be inform also of the methodology and materials used in the wine production. This brings to you the opportunity to know the old facilities and to be witness of the legend.

The tour ends with leaving the passenger at their hotel.

Entrance Vineyard Concha y Toro

Tour Vineyard Cousiño Macul
Duration 3 hours approx.

Exit from its hotel to direct us by Pedro de Valdivia Avenue, where you will be able to observe the architecture of the local residential architecture, going by the famous National Stadium and meet his modern sports facilities. Following our way towards the Vine Cousiño Macul located at the hillsides of the Cordillera de los Andes mountains since 1856. It also counts with beautiful park.

The meeting place is a store, where you will be received by a bilingual guide who will tell you about the history of Cousiño family and the vineyard.

In the museum you will see the antique machines and equipment used to make wine many years ago, and next you will be taken to the vine factory areas where they will show you how the wines takes place and its productions process. Finally you will be introduce in one of the oldest and important basements in Chile; made in 1872 to six meters under earth by French architects. Family private wine collection keeps here, with bottles of until 1927.

The visit finishes the wine visit in the same store, where is possible to taste several wines and to acquired as much wines as you want as souvenir.

Finishing tour passengers will be left in the hotel.

Vineyards Cousiño Macul