Enatur Chile

Tour Valparaíso / Viña del Mar
Duration 8 hours approximate.

Exit from its hotel to direct us by Route 68, where you can enjoy the landscape crossing through tunnels and valleys as Curacavi and Casa Blanca thus appreciating its remarkable agricultural development and in lately its vineyards.

The purpose of this journey is to arrive at Valparaíso City, main port of Chile, humanity patrimony, located to 73 miles from Santiago. We will cross the city going through the National Congress, Victoria square, the Escuela Naval (Marine School) and its monuments. Ours first visit to the Prat Dock Port where you will be able to observe the harbor activity, its crafts and the military ships from chilean Navy.


Next step we will raise one of its hills to get the 21 the mayo park, to appreciate from a special viewpoint the panoramic landscape of the city. We will let Valparaiso to follow our trip to Viña del Mar one of the most beautiful cities of Chile. We will visit the Vergara Park, to enjoy a very unique park that counts with centennial trees from different parts from the world. You can find also in this place the Vergara Palace (today museum) and the Quinta Vergara where takes place our song international festival.

Next step going we will cross the city seeing the downtown, going through its main square and its residential districts to end with a lunch in a warmy one restaurante located in front of the Pacific Ocean , where you can taste a great variety of fruits from the sea. After lunch, you will be able to walk by the beach of Reñaca, to move next to the Vergara dock port wich is now a walking stroll, but in older times sugar and cotton were the products released in here. The derrick is still remain and conserved since late 1800.

In this journey you will visit also, the facilities of one of the most complete casinos in South America, the Municipal Casino of Viña del Mar.

Finished the tour, passengers will be left in their hotel.
Tour does not contemplate Lunch Expenses.

Viña del Mar´s flower clock