Enatur Chile
In the Road maps you will be able to find the destinies we offe.
Tourist Map of Santiago  
Geographic Location:

Santiago is located 543 meters above the sea level, in the central part of chile; 2.501 kms south of Arica, the most northern city of the country and 3141 from Punta Arenas, the most southern city in Chile 100 kms separate it from the coast of the Pacific Ocean and 40 kms from the Andes Mountains.

Map of Viña del Mar  
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It´s located 112 km north of Santiago and forms conurbación? with Valparaiso, in front of the Pacific Ocean and in the opening of the Marga Marga river. It is also known as the City of Gardens


Map of Valparaiso  
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It is located 112 km to the northwest of Santiago on an ample bay of the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of 275,000 inhabitants approximately. It is an important marineport and industrial center, as well as one of the greater cities of the country. Among its economic activities the food processing, the preparation and the manufacture of fabrics are emphasized as well as petrochemical products.

Access Maps to Valle Nevado  
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It is located 4 kilometers from Santiago, near the way to the Cajon del Mapocho. Its height reaches between the 2,860 and 3,670 meters. It was inaugurated in 1988 and has a capacity for 800 people (lodging). Cabins do not exist, but it is complete equipped, which makes it one of the greater centers of ski of the country.

Access Maps to Portillo  
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Portillo is only 2 hours from Santiago by an ample route, without much traffic and safe. If you travel from Santiago, follow these simple instructions to arrive at Portillo:

From Santiago, via Américo Vespucio take the independencia exit "Freeway los Liberators". Continue north via the by pass Portillo avoiding to enter Cuidad de los Andes, which joins the International road